I'm engaged!

Posted by Felicia on 12:01 PM
Yes! Yes! Yes!
I am so excited!.
He proposed April 4th.

After a wonderful 10 days in Australia I was awakened at the ass-crack of dawn on the last Saturday before I left. His eagerness to have me see an "Australian sunrise" got me out of bed despite heavily protesting how very tired I was. We arrived at The Shallows in Shellharbour and walked down when it got a bit light. He set out chairs in the wet sand and we wrapped up in 2 big, comfy blankets shivering under the cloudy sky. I didn't think the sun would show itself, but he was just so cute about wanting to do it. About 7AM-ish I hear a violin playing behind me and I whipped my head around and instantly knew what was about to happen. I turned to him laughing and said, " Are you serious? OMG Are you kidding?" He said, " What song is it?" I recognized our song Brighter Than Sunshine by Aqualung.He took out a ring and asked me to marry him, and I wholeheartedly without reservation said YES!. I think I was a bit stunned. I was an absolute mess and I was not exactly an enthusiastic morning person, but he takes the bad with the good and promised himself to me. He is such an amazing person and I am the happiest woman right now.



It's great to hear you sound so happy! Best wishes to you...

congrats to you both. best wishes and good luck.

also...lovely ring.

have fun while you make your plans, just...don't forget to have fun.

yay!! i'm so excited for you!!

Awww ... He sounds so wonderful! Soooo happy for you both! You need to come see me once more before you head out to the land of kangaroos and koalas! * hugs! *

Awesome! So excited for you!

Congrats! I have been so behind... I definitely need to catch up.

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