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Posted by Felicia on 9:12 PM
I think I need a new blog called "Stuff My Kid Says". He's freakin hilarious. It's such a cool thing when they finally get humor and start using it. At age 11 he is understanding it very well. It's surprising and fun. Sometimes I shake my head wondering where he picked it all up, but picked it up indeed and put it all together! Here's just a few of his latest gems.

*Running late,I was drinking a slimfast shake really fast in the car before we headed into the doctor's office.*
"Geez Mom. I can practically hear a group of guys behind you going CHUG,CHUG,CHUG!"

* I had some movies out to bring over to a friend's house. He picked up Pineapple Express and looked at the cover.*
"Mom, why do you watch this stuff? I mean, it's not very ladylike. And that's a lot coming from me."

* Coming in from playing outside*
"I could use a cold one. Pass me a fruit punch Bar-mom."

* Getting ready for school he walked out of the bathroom with a faux-hawk. I looked at him and said cool.*
" Yeah, the chicks will dig it."

After saying something funny like this he always says,"I crack me up."
I love this kid!!



Every time you post something he has said, it just cracks me up! I hope you are keeping a diary of it!

How goes the wedding plans? I tried to comment ages ago on your other blog, but it wouldn't let me for some reason. I keep forgetting to revisit and see what's going on.

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