As American As Cornbread

Posted by Felicia on 12:31 PM
I was sitting at work Friday thinking about my future life in Australia and taking stock of all the things I have taken advantage of my whole life in America. I love this country. I really, really do. Especially when I see how other countries live and realize just how lucky we are to live here. While Australia is a wonderful country with many American things to make me feel somewhat at home, I have to remind myself that it is NOT America and never will be.

So as I was thinking about my new life, and dreaming of what I want to do there, I was thinking of a new cupcake flavor. My cupcake business dream is still alive and well. I got an idea for a new cupcake flavor that embodies some of my americanness. As a transplanted Southern California girl living in Alabama I have developed my Deep South tastebuds, and what could be more southern than cornbread? Over in Cali we eat a sweet cornbread(Marie Callendar's-holler!) as opposed to the more traditional unsweetened cornbread. I thought, why not make a cornbread cupcake and make a honey butter Italian buttercream? So I did. Cornbread with honey butter is delicious. In a cupcake it's divine! I then gilded the lily by putting a piece of candied bacon on it. Yes, you can swoon. It was a marriage of bliss in my mouth.

May I present, Cornbread cupcakes covered in Honey Butter Italian buttercream with a piece of candied bacon on top.

It is a yellow cake base mixed with cornbread mix. It makes for a lightly sweetened corn cake. The honey butter italian buttercream has just enough honey flavor to compliment the butter and corn flavors.

I might have a hard time finding cornbread mix in my local aussie grocery store so I will have to either have to come to terms with that or have it shipped in by faithful friends and family. For now I will eat my cornbread cupcakes and quietly hum the national anthem. God Bless the U.S.A.!

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