As American As Cornbread

Posted by Felicia on 12:31 PM
I was sitting at work Friday thinking about my future life in Australia and taking stock of all the things I have taken advantage of my whole life in America. I love this country. I really, really do. Especially when I see how other countries live and realize just how lucky we are to live here. While Australia is a wonderful country with many American things to make me feel somewhat at home, I have to remind myself that it is NOT America and never will be.

So as I was thinking about my new life, and dreaming of what I want to do there, I was thinking of a new cupcake flavor. My cupcake business dream is still alive and well. I got an idea for a new cupcake flavor that embodies some of my americanness. As a transplanted Southern California girl living in Alabama I have developed my Deep South tastebuds, and what could be more southern than cornbread? Over in Cali we eat a sweet cornbread(Marie Callendar's-holler!) as opposed to the more traditional unsweetened cornbread. I thought, why not make a cornbread cupcake and make a honey butter Italian buttercream? So I did. Cornbread with honey butter is delicious. In a cupcake it's divine! I then gilded the lily by putting a piece of candied bacon on it. Yes, you can swoon. It was a marriage of bliss in my mouth.

May I present, Cornbread cupcakes covered in Honey Butter Italian buttercream with a piece of candied bacon on top.

It is a yellow cake base mixed with cornbread mix. It makes for a lightly sweetened corn cake. The honey butter italian buttercream has just enough honey flavor to compliment the butter and corn flavors.

I might have a hard time finding cornbread mix in my local aussie grocery store so I will have to either have to come to terms with that or have it shipped in by faithful friends and family. For now I will eat my cornbread cupcakes and quietly hum the national anthem. God Bless the U.S.A.!



Good to see you around! That cupcake sounds incredible. How'd you make the bacon? drooool

They were soooo good! I cooked the bacon until it was 3/4 of the way done and then smothered it in brown sugar on both sides and stuck it in the oven until it was all melty. It was fab! Viva la Bacon!!!

You had me at bacon. Bacon is NEVER a bad thing. They look delicious.

Those look yummy, yummy, yummy! I love 'sweet' cornbread - but then we are all bummed we can no longer buy honey butter at any grocery store within a 200 mile radius. It's a southern thing, not a northern thing, so all the stores here that did carry it, stopped. I have to resort to making my own. Which is easy, I know, but it was a nice convience to be able to just buy it.

As for corn bread mix, I can't remember if it was available in Australia or not. Then again, if it wasn't available then, 15 years ago, doesn't mean it isn't available now.

My biggest horror memory is the high cost of poultry (chicken, turkey, etc) and toilet paper. Honest to God, when we had USAF flights come into Canberra for any reason, they would bring us cases of toilet paper. The good stuff, which didn't seem to be available in Australia at the time at all. I'm hoping, for your butt's sake, that's all changed! :-)

OK - we are SOOO ready for that cupcake in Oz! I do miss me some Marie Callender's. I use to take the kids there on Friday nights. Tasty cheap eats with great service. Good luck on the move and bring the cupcakes!

I am sitting here salivating. Those cupcakes look incredible!

When I lived in the Middle East and either couldn't find or wouldn't pay ridiculous prices for a cornbread mix, I would make one of the various Jiffy cornbread mix clone recipes available online, such as http://www.chow.com/recipes/11549. Hope that helps and happy baking!

Gee can you ship those to Adelaide:) The best ice cream I ever had was homemade sweet corn, in Ireland of all places, at a health spa!

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