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Posted by Felicia on 12:03 PM
Helloooooo.....Helloooooo????? Anyone there? I wouldn't blame ya for disappearing seeing as how I update oh, every hundred years or so. So sorry to disappear like that. I've just been dealing with all the numerous changes around here. I'll bring everyone up to speed.

So, let's see. I'm officially married! I married Rick on 10/10/2009 in what was perhaps the funnest wedding of all time! It seriously rocked my face off and was everything I could have ever wanted it to be. There were no marble columns, no hanging flower arrangements nor bands, djs or such, no dance floor either, but what we had was good food, great friends and family, and great fun!
We got married in a gazebo in downtown Madison surrounded by half of Australia and half of California and Alabama. It was very intimate and lovely, and funny. Let's just say my new husband's vows to me included the phrase "j*** in my pants". How could I NOT have married him? Haha Afterwards we walked across the railroad tracks and had dinner at the lovely restaurant called Main Street Cafe. We wined, and dined, and laughed until we hurt. I am quite literally the luckiest girl to have the amazing people in my life that I do.

We honeymooned in New York. What an amazing city. We were there 5 days, but it wasn't nearly enough to see what we wanted to see and do what we wanted to do. However, we did get to go to the America concert which was significant to us because it was the first concert we both had ever seen. He at 17 in 1988 and me at 15 in 1989 in two different countries. What were the odds and then that they should be in New York when we planned our spur of the moment NYC trip??? Fate. Pure fate.

After we got back Rick flew back to Australia and Colin and I got a serious case of the sads. I set about trying to pack up my condo and get the massive amount of paperwork required for me to migrate to Australia. What I have amassed looks like a 2,000 page manual entitled " Please let me stay in your country- FOREVAH!!" That sucker cost $50 to ship. Holy bejeezus.

Colin left for California before Christmas to spend the holidays with his dad. it was a sad holiday for me as it was my last here for a long time, but I was only able to make it through by being semi-comatose on the couch on painkillers which turned out to be a mild case of temporary elephant man syndrome. Ugh. Talk about disfigured. I ended up in the ER the day after and am just now starting to resemble a human again, and small children have stopped screaming when I enter the room. Small things people. lol
I am flying out to California tomorrow to spend 2 weeks visiting family and friends before we hop the plane to OZ on the 20th. I am simultaneously sad, happy, excited, and nervous. This is definitely the adventure of my life, and I have yet to have sorted it all out. I am living in the moment and taking it day by day, and hoping that the chipping away of my sanity is only temporary.

I just want to take a moment to thank my friends and family, and even acquaintances who have offered me nothing but love, and understanding, and support throughout this whole thing. I am truly blessed to have you in my life, and I could not have managed half of this without you. They say no man is poor who has friends. In that respect, I'm friggin Bill Gates. I love you all!

Shit, now you've made me cry. Jerks.



yay! congrats to you all. enjoy your new life and don't forget to blog about it!

Congratulation! I've been wondering about you for quite some time! Get on the stick girl, and write us up some posts. lol

No, YOU'RE the jerk, because now I'M crying! Seriously was the most beautiful, sweetest, OMG SO FUN wedding ever! I'll miss you my friend, but as your new countrymen say, No Worries! I'm plotting a trip down there ASAP!!

HA! I forgot I was signed into my hex Hall account. But obvs, it's me, Rachel. OR IS IT???? No, it totally is.

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Your wedding photos are gorgeous! Congratulations!

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